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Walker Executive Starts Modern Dance Company

cecilia-mbjCecilia Lona Walker has another creative outlet outside of her day job as the senior vice president of business development at Walker & Associates, a 50-year-old advertising, public relations, marketing and digital firm.

She’s also the director of development for Racine & Southern Dance Exchange, Memphis’ newest modern dance company, which focuses on enhancing the artistic reputation of the urban experience and the creation of innovative choreography.

Walker was a competitive dancer for years before focusing on modern dance. She has danced with Co. Dance, Joe Tremaine, Pomfret Dance Company, St. Lawrence University, the University of Memphis and Vanderbilt University.

The dance company, co-founded by Walker, Lauren Stallings and Jana Pate Hubbard in January 2015, is debuting its largest show to date Saturday at the Buckman Performing Arts Center.

The show, titled Passing, is based on William Shakespeare’s "The Seven Ages of Man" and will incorporate eight new pieces by local choreographers who’ve added modern dance and break dancing into their work.

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