Deloss Walker used to say remarkable work starts with remarkable visionaries…and a visionary he was. Labeled by TIME Magazine as the “ultimate media mesmerist,” Deloss translated his political acumen and sharp understanding of the psychology of consumers into the full service ad agency Walker & Associates is today.


A Bronze Star medalist turned disc jockey, Deloss’ vision surfaced from the cotton fields of O’Kean, Arkansas. He understood men from all walks of life and felt he could apply his experience to be a successful strategist, adman and political connoisseur. Gaining success first on a local level, Deloss went on to lead political campaigns for governors, senators, congressmen and presidents, establishing the most successful record in modern day political consulting which he still holds twenty years after his death.

His vision continued to grow as his wife-turned-business-partner, Ceil Walker, joined the agency in 1982. A Floridian paving the way in marketing for the NFL, Ceil was captivated by the strategy of Walker & Associates and the work ethic of Deloss. Focused on developing corporate business and enhancing local relationships, Ceil and Deloss worked together to elevate the company to an international playing field developing campaigns with the world’s most recognizable brands.

Today, Ceil carries on Deloss’ vision and legacy as Walker & Associates celebrates 58 years of service in advertising, public relations, marketing & digital. Ceil continues to develop insightful campaigns worldwide with a phenomenal team. With a passion for the adworld, Ceil continues to exercise the timeless strategies of Deloss while modernizing trends, creating award-winning work and developing meaningful campaigns.

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