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2016 Super Bowl Judgment Day

Commercials are our thing which makes Super Bowl Sunday our judgment day. Last night, we at Walker & Associates didn’t wait until timeouts and change of possessions to take our bathroom breaks, get our second and third helping of meatballs or grab our new icy cold beer. No, we did that during gameplay, so we wouldn’t miss any of the great, sub-par or “WUT WAS THAT” commercials.

Here’s our unofficial official critical analysis of the 2016 Super Commercial Sunday:

Doritos won

We may have been eating Tostitos in our nachos all night, but we were really fantasizing about you, Doritos. Congrats on simultaneously making all of the guys spit their non-flavored tortilla chips out in hysteria, while all of the women in the room cringed in pain.

That’s what happened during the Doritos “ultrasound” commercial. And it was memorable and fantastic.

Heinz brought the puppies

Puppies. What more can you say? #MeetTheKetchups took the easy way out, but good for them because sometimes winning just IS that easy.

Try recalling a Super Bowl commercial featuring a puppy (or a BUNCH of puppies) that wasn’t great. That’s right, you can’t because…PUPPIES! And these weren’t just any kind of pups. They were wiener dogs. Dressed as hot dogs. Running towards ketchup and mustard humans. Simple and genius.


We were all just sitting there enjoying time with our family and friends when a narcissistic #PuppyMonkeyBaby arrived all over the TV screen repeatedly referring to itself in third person. We aren’t really sure what was going on here, but all I know is everyone in our office started their morning with coffee as usual, not Mountain Dew Kick Start.

(For the record, we like pugs, monkeys and babies. Just not all in one. That scares us.)

But seriously though…

The Super Bowl always marks the launch of the year’s innovative, the bad and the ugly. But we were happy to see some moments of a more serious tone. This year, brands and organizations took the opportunity to use the nation’s undivided attention to push public service announcements about important and relevant issues. Two brands did it beautifully.

Good job No More & Budweiser.

We would love to hear what you think about our unofficial official critiques of this Super Sunday, but they aren’t subject to change.

Go Broncos!

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