We know education.

For decades, W&A has had the priviliege of working with the Tennessee Higher Education Commission and Tennessee Department of Treasury, helping market important initiatives and programs. Most recently, W&A has been heavily involved in education, helping students - from 10th grade to adult learners - plan, apply, choose and pay for college.

Tennessee Reconnect

As of part of Tennessee's "Drive to 55" initiative, Tennessee Reconnect was launched to help more of our state’s adults enter higher education to gain new skills, advance in the workplace, and fulfill lifelong dreams of completing a degree or credential. W&A was hired for creative concepting, the creation and placement of TV & radio commercials and billboard advertising.



In 2008, W&A began working with the Tennessee Higher Education Commission developing branding, identity and advertising for their GearUp Tennessee and CollegeforTN.org initiatives. The objectives were to assist Tennessee students and parents in planning, applying and paying for college. W&A conducted extensive research studies with students and parents to gain greater knowledge of their opinions, mindsets and trends toward college. W&A used the findings from the research to sculpt the messaging for future advertising initiatives under the umbrella theme “Put your mind to it.” W&A developed a multi-media campaign including digital/social media, television and collateral materials. 



In 2014, the Tennessee Higher Education Commission enlisted W&A to conduct research and create naming & branding for their Prior Learning Assessment Program. The PLA program was created as part of Tennessee's "Drive to 55" initiative to offer Tenensseeans who started - yet did not complete college - the chance to use their work experience as credit toward completing their respective degreess.

W&A completed its extensive research project and has since begun the phases of developing the new "Timewise" brand as well as web video, guidebook and additional collateral materials for the PLA program.


In 2012, W&A helped the Tenneseee Department of Treasury plan and launch the State's first 529 college savings program, including branding. This included name, website development, social media creation, launch and more. Since the creation, W&A has continued to service this account with TV & radio commercials, digital marketing, web maintenance and much more.

Tennessee Promise

The Tennessee Promise is another part of Governor Haslam's "Drive to 55" initiative, providing scholarship money and mentors to high school seniors looking to continue to college. W&A has helped Tennesee Promise with research and various collateral material.