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October 5, 2017 - No Comments!

Ephemeral Art: Social Media’s Disappearing Act

How to Capitalize on Disappearance

Advertisements are constantly being thrown in the consumer’s face. After infiltrating social media and attempting to master a more natural approach, marketers now have an advantage: the value of disappearance.

Companies can use tools like Instagram and Snapchat stories to reach consumers and vanish just as quickly as they came, providing the perfect opportunity to offer special promotions, showcase new products, and reveal teasers of future campaigns. When it comes to clothing lines, stories are the ideal location to spread the word about sales. Considering they are only available for a 24-hour time span, corporations can reach their audience without broadcasting discounts.

Nordstrom for example, noted the looks they loved from #LFW highlighting the Tommy Hilfiger x Gigi Hadid fall '17 collaboration, subtitledTommy Now: Rock Circus.  Using the "swipe up" feature to read a review of the show on their blog, The Thread.  (Nordstrom Rack slated to open in Poplar Commons, at the corner of Poplar Ave and Perkins Extd, in October, hands up!).  Gigi thanked both her Fashion Fairy Godmother and all her models who rocked out all their new fall looks.

But fashion labels aren't the only industry taking advantage of this magic trick.  Whole Foods share lifestyle shots of their favorite weekly sale items via Instagram's Stories feature with the hashtag #WholeFoodsFaves.  McDonald's storied their Uber Eats campaign, letting viewers know that their savory salty fries can be delivered to your doorstep 24/7. Conde Nast features city-specific restaurant guides again, using the "swipe up" option directing followers back to their website to view on their blog.

Additionally, it is the perfect platform to show your creative process. It is an opportunity to reveal a behind the scenes, before the scenes glimpse into product creation. This makes the consumer feel included and takes the edge off of the “big bad company” image some businesses may have by adding an element of informality.

Because it lasts a day, the time-frame is ideal for take-overs. If you're collaborating with another brand, these take-overs can serve as a connecting piece between corporations. Actress/Model Jamie King, took over Harper's Bazaar's Instagram giving viewers a glimpse into her preparation for Dior's fashion show.  From hair to makeup and of course, a front seat view of the runway. And if not collaboration, use the take-over to guide the consumer through a company event. There is nothing like an inside look to attract an outside consumer.

The aspect of disappearance is useful. Although the timeframe may seem short, it allows for a lot of marketing possibilities, so next time you open up the app, considering allocating your brand some personalized face time.  Instagram stories shine with their ability to include links and mention other users.  Inclusion, unlike Snapchat's exclusion/secret factor, creates a feeling of community. Tell us what stories you find enchanting in the comments below.


October 3, 2017 - No Comments!

Power of Analytics

Advertising is dependent on creativity, duh, but it is equally dependent on analytics.

You can’t know if an idea is worth anything without proof. Campaigns rely on numbers for the foundation. They are the evidence that a pitch is capable, deserving of those big advertising bills, and most importantly explains to a client that their investment guarantees a return. Analytics is an easy way to describe the systematic computational analysis of data or statistics. It covers all mediums of data that need to be sifted through in order to create an entirely sound campaign.

This includes various charts that help to track a business's progress, do a quick background check on the desired target audience, and, in short, fully explain why you’re doing whatever it is that you’re doing. Additionally, it’s important to utilize all of the visual ways a researcher interprets her data, thus giving your company multiple perspectives. Be smart. Value data. Amplify the success of your company with numbers 😉

Still confused? Take these seven steps to numerical heaven.

The 7-step business analytics process doesn't have to be overwhelming, let us help break it down for ya...

Step 1: Define the business needs.

Step 2: Explore the data.

Step 3: Analyze the data.

Step 4: Predict what is likely to happen.

Step 5: Optimize or find the best solution.

Step 6: Make a decision and measure the outcome.

Step 7: Update the system with the results of the decision.

Most people are already doing this. If you’re good at your job, which you are, it comes more naturally than second nature. It’s first nature. But mapping them out makes it easy to see, and furthermore, execute without worry.

The analytic scientists in this business risk it to get the money, honey. They have to document the correct data, in the right format, at the right time and give it to the perfect people. If you find yourself wondering whether these people are researchers, bots or internet spies, sources have not yet determined the answer. Data is important. Anything and everything.  The comment section is all yours, go ahead and analyze away.

August 8, 2017 - No Comments!

Instagram Accounts That Get It Right

When former Memphis Grizzlies guard Mario Chalmers announced he would be returning to Memphis, the message came via Instagram. A photo donning a Grizz uniform with the simple message "GNG....enough said...... ." Grizznation got the picture and responded with 10,400 likes and 454 congratulatory comments. With 600 million unique monthly users, Instagram is the fastest growing social media platform. It may not be the right platform for every business, but if you're looking for engagement, it can be a win/win. But what does it take to garner all those red hearts and comments complete with fist bump and hi-five emojis? Let's check out a few who #gram #likeaboss.

@nike Their sneaker game is strong but you'll find more than a page full of shoes on this Insta account. They take a more inspirational approach showcasing carefully curated videos of athletes basking in success. Think LeBron taking the title or Federer's record-breaking Wimbledon win, backed by a catchy White Stripes tune. Occassionally Nike throws in the release of of a newly designed running shoe or sports bra. Posting relevant content results in triumphant victories. With the signature tagline "Just do it," they are representing their brand with perfection.

@dailydose This account is a motivational giant on IG with 1.1 million followers anxiously waiting to see what good vibes they are spreading that day. They want to make you feel good, maybe even chuckle. Everything from Matthew McConaughey's My Hero speech to the meme of Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg with the caption "138 billion in one picture and not a Gucci belt in sight." Post after post of content you want to share. Feel the love. #Preach

@henribendel When your purse matches your Rose´.  Sheer satisfaction for a #bendelgirl. Henri Bendel interacts with their community, posing questions and responding to comments. Using 'enter to win' call to action campaigns to excite followers. Never missing a National Ice Cream Day, the fashion house posted an image of a chocolate ice cream cone from Godiva held by a wrist dressed with stacks of Bendel bracelets. They know their audience and present their product so attractively, it leaves all their chic consumers feeling like there's no problem a shopping spree can't solve.

@Target The "Xhiliration" of back-to-school shopping ringing any bells? Neat freaks and nerds alike rejoiced in response to the post "Planning Perfection" presenting colorful pens, paper clips and Post-its, all in symmetric rows like Little Boxes on a hillside, by Brit&Co. Target aspires you to subscribe to their mantra "Expect More, Pay Less" with cheerful imagery.

@thehautepursuit Fashion blogger Vanessa Hong has put herself on the Insta runway with verified status. She landed a sought-after spot on the Harper's Bazaar list, The 22 Fashion Blogger Instagrams to Follow Now. She once apologized for a slight glitch in content – blaming it on a digital and juice cleanse she touted would give you that "refresh u crave" – by appearing in a silver sequin gown doing a backbend on the beach. Because, why not?

The Instagram algorithm is something of amazement. They do their part to suit the user's fancy. It's up to you to provide the quality content. Stay true to your voice, promote your brand, provide relevant content and fascinate followers with your charming personality and visual allure. Share with us some of your favorite feeds below.



July 27, 2017 - No Comments!

Poppa Willie’s Night: Rhythm on the River

Join us for the launch event of the 3-part Royal Studio's 60th Anniversary Celebration! Let's start where it all began at the famous Royal Studios Memphis with the legendary Mitchell family. As an ode to the Studios' patriarch Willie Mitchell, we will celebrate the rich history of Royal and it's talented founder with live music from soul jazz band the Bo-Keys and legendary musician Don Bryant. Be immersed in the Studio as if you are apart of a Royal session as the music unveils around you. Dinner will be served by the famous Yvonne "Aunt Von" Mitchell who has cooked for Melissa Etheridge and Bruno Mars among many more Royal artists as a way to welcome them into the Royal family. Do not miss this unforgettable night as we take a walk down the memory lane that put Memphis music on the map. Seating limited.  Buy Tickets and Get Your Soul On.

May 10, 2017 - No Comments!

Making Your Marriage a Happy One With Your Client

The Marriage Dynamic

Marriage takes work, time and grandiose amounts of effort. When you propose you are saying to that person “I choose you and am willing to put up with you for the rest of my life.” And put up with them and all the baggage that comes with them you shall. A business-client partnership is no different.

Saying I Do

When you say I do and take on a client, there are understood vows. Vows that you will protect their brand, help them in times of crisis and be a catalyst of innovative thinking. As the ad agency, you are to be the provider and protector. You said “I do”, now you must follow through by taking measures to make the marriage a successful, long lasting and happy one.

In Times of Crisis

That baggage that was promised? Yeah, it’s just as real as an actual marriage when you beginning working with someone new. Any previous damage is now yours to inherit. But inherit with a smile you will as you are lucky to have such a desirable partner. Implement your crisis communication and strategic planning to avoid any future messes. Your goal remains to protect your client and their brand at all costs. Keep this marriage from becoming a divorce by developing effective strategies to fix any given problem before it even arises.

Following the Brand

To avoid internal crisis between you and your client, stick to the mission and objectives of your partner. Not listening to your client’s wants and needs is just like not listening to your spouses’… and we can guarantee that your client will give you far less chances to redeem yourself than your spouse. So, if we want to keep the boxing gloves where they belong---in the ring--- then let’s make sure to tune in our listening ears. There’s no worse faux pas than drifting off brand or strategy because a lack of due diligence. Be an intuitive spouse.

Making it Last

It’s one thing to fall in love and it’s another to stay in love. To keep the spark from burning out with your client, your work and ideas need to come to fruition. Don’t just skim the surface. Bring the innovation, creativity and energy that spawns a new perspective of the client’s beloved brand. Your ideas must be fresh and new, unlike any other brand in that industry segment. But still maintain your client’s identity. You must give your client the confidence and trust to stay with you long term.

A Long and Happy Marriage

 Making your marriage last with your client is important. All good things come to an end. But your relationship doesn’t have to. What’s most important is their happiness in your marriage and your ability to communicate honestly and efficiently. This can be achieved through a compilation of managing crises, listening to desires and bringing the best ideas for their company to fruition. Don’t strive for a mediocre marriage with your client. Strive for one that will last beyond the golden years.

February 28, 2017 - No Comments!

Pre-roll video ads on YouTube… like’em or loath’em?

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YouTube video advertisers have less than five seconds to convince viewers their ad is worth watching to the end. Many viewers decide to skip the ad - 94% in fact. More than half of viewers are on mobile which means videos need to be short and focus on recall. Especially given that YouTube is scrapping 30-second videos and offering only shorter 20, 15 and 6-second video options. The later 6-second bumper ads are becoming increasing popular.

To hold viewer attention, many advertisers are evolving content to fit YouTube by using more creativity, different formats and interactive components to engage viewers. What’s your take on pre-roll ads?

YouTube Pre-Roll is changing marketers’ approach to video advertising

You’ve encountered them… those show-stopping pre-roll video ads on YouTube. Most viewers lack the patience and interest to continue watching them to the end. Capturing and keeping the attention of viewers is demanding advertisers be more creative. Simply loading up a current 30-second TV commercial is not enough. The video has to be eye-catching as well as relevant.

Keep messages simple and entertaining.

Many advertisers waste valuable time screaming “don’t skip” while cramming in a smorgasbord of rapid fire messages praying one of them resonates with viewers. Those tactics are inherently ineffective. Data shows that making messages interactive can capture viewer attention. For example, one advertiser challenged viewers to a staring contest offering winners a prize. Others posted totally unrelated but irresistibly entertaining video content like cute animal videos while quickly selling their products or service... not a good idea. Here is an example :

Find a fitting format.

Altering the format of pre-roll can help effectiveness also… shorter pre-roll ads for mobile, longer pre-roll ads for desktop viewers with more time. Advertisers should also avoid having a pre-roll ad longer than the video clip people are trying to watch.

Use an engaging call to action

A strong call-to-action makes video ads more effective. Instead of a hyperlink to your brand’s website… continuing the visual experience can help. For example, a virtual reality experience that allows viewers to interact with your product, like being able to change product styles and colors or letting viewers select alternate commercial storylines and endings.

Make sure your ad is relevant

Relevancy of your ad matters. Simply attaching your ad to a popular but unrelated video is a crap shoot. The chances of your unrelated content connecting with viewers interests is slim. Placing ads with videos that relate to your product, exponentially increase your chances of engagement. For example, placing an ad for a dance studio with a video of a dancing dog.