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2016 Super Bowl Judgment Day

Commercials are our thing which makes Super Bowl Sunday our judgment day. Last night, we at Walker & Associates didn’t wait until timeouts and change of possessions to take our bathroom breaks, get our second and third helping of meatballs or grab our new icy cold beer. No, we did that during gameplay, so we wouldn’t miss any of the great, sub-par or “WUT WAS THAT” commercials.

Here’s our unofficial official critical analysis of the 2016 Super Commercial Sunday:

Doritos won

We may have been eating Tostitos in our nachos all night, but we were really fantasizing about you, Doritos. Congrats on simultaneously making all of the guys spit their non-flavored tortilla chips out in hysteria, while all of the women in the room cringed in pain.

That’s what happened during the Doritos “ultrasound” commercial. And it was memorable and fantastic.

Heinz brought the puppies

Puppies. What more can you say? #MeetTheKetchups took the easy way out, but good for them because sometimes winning just IS that easy.

Try recalling a Super Bowl commercial featuring a puppy (or a BUNCH of puppies) that wasn’t great. That’s right, you can’t because…PUPPIES! And these weren’t just any kind of pups. They were wiener dogs. Dressed as hot dogs. Running towards ketchup and mustard humans. Simple and genius.


We were all just sitting there enjoying time with our family and friends when a narcissistic #PuppyMonkeyBaby arrived all over the TV screen repeatedly referring to itself in third person. We aren’t really sure what was going on here, but all I know is everyone in our office started their morning with coffee as usual, not Mountain Dew Kick Start.

(For the record, we like pugs, monkeys and babies. Just not all in one. That scares us.)

But seriously though…

The Super Bowl always marks the launch of the year’s innovative, the bad and the ugly. But we were happy to see some moments of a more serious tone. This year, brands and organizations took the opportunity to use the nation’s undivided attention to push public service announcements about important and relevant issues. Two brands did it beautifully.

Good job No More & Budweiser.

We would love to hear what you think about our unofficial official critiques of this Super Sunday, but they aren’t subject to change.

Go Broncos!

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5 Reasons You Should Advertise on Facebook

Marketing and advertising get more competitive with every new tool available, especially online. But that doesn’t mean they're getting harder. Advertisers just have to find the right tools to most-effectively reach their audience. Like Facebook advertising.

Maybe you think of Facebook as a place to keep up with family events and share funny cat videos, but it’s more than that. You’ve seen ads pop up every now and then when scrolling down your news feed (or maybe you haven't noticed them because of the wonderful art of "native advertising!). That’s because 92% of social marketers are using Facebook for advertising.

There’s a reason why businesses are paying 122% more per ad unit on Facebook than they did in 2014 – because it works. We love recommending Facebook advertising for our clients, and here are 5 reasons why.

1. It’s cost-effective

Businesses’ organic posts just aren’t getting the reach they used to with new Facebook updates and algorithms. In 2012, Facebook basically told businesses you’re going to have to pay to get a decent social reach. That’s when companies started to realize only about 15% of their page “fans” actually saw their content.

To reach all of your fans plus some, there’s Facebook advertising. And it’s affordable! Compared to other forms of online advertising, Facebook advertising feels like stealing candy from a baby (which we don't endorse).

Brian Carter of Moz says “if you spend $1 per day on Facebook ads, you will get in front of 4,000 people that wouldn’t have seen you otherwise…if you can’t spare $30/month, you shouldn’t be in business.”

2. Your audience is there

You're on Facebook. Your friends are on Facebook. Your mom is on Facebook (and leaves embarrassing comments on your cool status updates). 71% of all Internet users are on Facebook. The odds are, the person you are trying to reach with your message is on Facebook. If that’s true, then why wouldn’t you invest in Facebook ads to make sure you reach that person?

3. You can choose from a library of great targeting options

From location, gender and age all the way to interest, behavior and economic status, the targeting options on Facebook are unreal. Not only does this help your ads perform well, but it also goes back to Facebook ads being cost-effective. The more targeted your ads are to the person you are trying to reach with your message, the further your dollar spent reaches.

4. It’s easy to get feedback

You see it with news and politics – everyone has an opinion on Facebook. It’s the perfect platform for people to voice their thoughts on issues because it’s so easy to do so. That’s why it’s a great place to get feedback on your ads and services.

When your ads are published on Facebook, they’re published like any normal post. And just like any normal post, users have the ability to like, comment or share those posts. So you better believe that if someone does or does not like your ad or service – more so the latter – they will comment on your ad to let you know. You will get the feedback you need. You may see this as either a blessing or a curse and it speaks to the importance of spending time not only posting on Facebook, but also monitoring your account.

5. Ads are easy to measure

Facebook also has its own internal analytics reporting allowing you to analyze how your ads are performing. You can see how far your ads have reached, how many clicks and the cost-per-click. And you can even see a breakdown of precisely where those clicks are coming from – age, gender, location, etc. You can see which ads are converting to sales, and where exactly those conversions are coming from. This helps you spread your dollar further and get the most bang for your buck.

So what does all of this mean?

Facebook advertising is great – maybe even a must - for any company. Your consumers are on Facebook, it’s just a matter of choosing the right creative, message and targeting options to put your brand in front of them in the most effective way. This is where experienced Facebook advertisers can help your business thrive.

Are you interested in advertising on Facebook? Let's chat.

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Walker Wins Telly Awards for Commercials About College Attendance Woes

Walker & Associates has been honored for a TV commercial that recognizes students’ feelings of hopelessness when it comes to attending college.

The “You Can Get There From Here” commercial won bronze in three categories — student, editing and copywriting — at the 36th Annual Telly Awards.

Walker & Associates’ research found many high school students feel going to college is impossible for them.

The 30-second TV commercial recognized the issue and advertised CollegeForTN.org, a resource associated with Gov. Bill Haslam’s Drive to 55 initiative aimed to equip 55 percent of Tennessee residents with a college degree or certificate by 2025.

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Walker Executive Starts Modern Dance Company

cecilia-mbjCecilia Lona Walker has another creative outlet outside of her day job as the senior vice president of business development at Walker & Associates, a 50-year-old advertising, public relations, marketing and digital firm.

She’s also the director of development for Racine & Southern Dance Exchange, Memphis’ newest modern dance company, which focuses on enhancing the artistic reputation of the urban experience and the creation of innovative choreography.

Walker was a competitive dancer for years before focusing on modern dance. She has danced with Co. Dance, Joe Tremaine, Pomfret Dance Company, St. Lawrence University, the University of Memphis and Vanderbilt University.

The dance company, co-founded by Walker, Lauren Stallings and Jana Pate Hubbard in January 2015, is debuting its largest show to date Saturday at the Buckman Performing Arts Center.

The show, titled Passing, is based on William Shakespeare’s "The Seven Ages of Man" and will incorporate eight new pieces by local choreographers who’ve added modern dance and break dancing into their work.

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Walker & Associates Rebrands in Conjunction With 50th Anniversary

Walker & Associates has launched a company-wide rebrand to change brand perception as the full-service advertising, public relations, marketing and digital firm celebrates 50 years.

“Since we’ve been around for 50 years and work with a lot of corporations and government contracts, we’re often written off as a corporate firm, but we also do a lot of work with nonprofits and business-to-business,” said Cecilia Walker, daughter of late founder Deloss Walker and current CEO/president Ceil Walker.

The rebrand features a new logo and website and a general public relations and marketing plan to show the firm’s breadth and to honor its late founder.

“We’re trying to illuminate our partnerships with a lot of these other companies to show that we don’t only have a corporate exterior but are a creative agency at our core,” Walker said.

The site features new work as well as historic footage of Deloss Walker, who founded the company in 1965 and went on to lead political campaigns for governors, congressmen and presidents.

After Walker’s death in 1996, his wife, Ceil Walker, then president and former NFL marketing representative, took over the agency.

“It’s essential for your brand to remain relevant as industry trends are constantly influx,” Ceil Walker said. “It is an exciting time to be in this industry and a great honor to be celebrating 50 years for our clients, for our supporters and especially for Deloss.”

Read Memphis Business Journal article here

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How do you market to millennial women?

Our client wrote the book on it.

Marketing to the Millenial WomanAuthor Ann Fishman’s new book, Marketing to the Millennial Woman, now available on Amazon, digs into the mindset of millennial women, including personality traits, consumer trends, buying habits and more. The book delves into factors that motivate millennial women and determine many of their consumer habits – great information for businesses and organizations looking to reach this audience.

“In looking for research and information about millennials in general, I discovered there really wasn’t a lot of data on the next generation of consumers, especially women. That drove me to do some research of my own on millennial women and from that research came Inside the Mind of the Millenial Woman,” says Fishman. Walker & Associates collaborated with Fishman on naming and designing the book. “Walker did a marvelous job of bringing the work to life,” continued Fishman

A little about the author.

For more than two decades, Ann Fishman has been at the forefront of major generational trends. Receiving four U.S. Senate Research Fellowships, she introduced America to lifelong learning and intergenerational mentoring by creating Senate Information Papers, national workshops, and Federal legislation.

In 1995, Ann founded Generational Targeted Marketing, which has provided generational guidance to some of the country’s best and best-known companies, large and small. She has also worked extensively with the U.S. government. Ann is a former Adjunct Professor at New York University.